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    What is the Game changers Coaching Academy?

    Here is how we are going to Grow in a Straight Line to Double Your Monthly Profit

    # 1 Access the financial data & business models of 13.000+ gyms.
    # 2 Learn to use FaceBook and Google online marketing to fill your gym.
    # 3 Position your services so your clients will gladly pay you more.
    # 4 Learn how you can set up and sell high ticket programs up to €600/mo.
    # 5 Learn you you can use A.I. and software to scale your business.

    When you participate in the Coaching Academy, you will receive.

    Included in our program
    On demand video instructions
    The very best strategies in the field
    12 sessions with a mentor 1 on 1
    10 ready-made downloadable marketing ADS
    A workbook that helps you to apply the theory faster
    Access to the Game Changers community
    Unlimited support
    Official certificate
    The Curriculum


    The plug & play knowledge platform with powerful strategies for your sports company.


    Data To Dollars: Maximizing your Gym’s financial Performance with Data Analytics.

    What you will learn

    In this module you’ll uncover the financial secrets behind the top three high-flying gym business models. With this exclusive peek into their official financials, you’ll be equipped to weave together the very best elements from each model, their service offerings and tailored audience strategies – and ignite your own fitness enterprise. Get ready to fuel your curiosity and passion, for an exciting adventure awaits!

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    Data to Dollars: Use the Financial dataset of 13.000+ gyms to maximize your Gym’s financial Performance.

    6 lessons | 120 Min

    The Art of Value Proposition: How to Command Premium Prices for Your Services and sell them like crazy.

    4 lessons | 100 Min

    Mastering Lead Generation: Learn our powerful FaceBook and Google marketing strategy. Use it to get a flood of new members into your doorstep.

    8 lessons | 160 Min
    Lead Generation

    Clicks to Conversions: Streamline the process from online marketing to new members with powerful A.I. automations.

    3 lessen | 50 Min

    The “Science of Sales”: Discover our incredible “Diagnostic Sales System”, that allows you to sell using genuine interest and integrity.

    4 lessons | 140 Min

    High Ticket Sales: Learn how you can sell Premium Fitness Packages that sell for upwards of €600 /mo. Bonus: live sales examples included.

    4 lessons | 120 Min
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    # 1

    Sport & Fitness website templates, funnels and landing pages.

    Benefit from ready made website templates that have been tested
and optimized for gym lead conversions.

    # 2

    Gamachangers lead generation software App.

    Receive a clear, easy to use application that helps you to gain insight
into your marketing and sales results, automates follow up and 
helps you to achieve measurable success.

    # 3

    Your own personal success coach that helps you every step of the way.

    With a history of helping other gym owners achieve financial success, brings expertise and guidance helping you achieve your business goals with confidence and efficiency.

    # 4

    Sales scripts, cheat sheets, template contracts and more.

    Receive our BONUS support kit that helps you with sales, lead generation, coaching, service fulfillment and more!

    # 5

    Plug & Play 
Meta advertisement KIT

    Get your very own, customized set of advertisements that you can literally copy and paste to start getting in new leads and new members from day one!


    Our track record We deliver fast and impactful results.


    Our Track Record

    participants cover the program cost in the kickstart phase (12 weeks).


    Of Our Participants

    surveyed participants recommend our program to other sports entrepreneurs.


    Gamechangers has empowered countless gym owners to create wildly successful and thriving fitness enterprises.

    The only question is, will yours be next?



    Monthly Revenue
    "Snelle en toegewijde ondersteuning. Mooi resultaat, op naar meer!"


    Monthly Revenue
    "We vragen nu tarieven die we vroeger nooit voor mogelijk hadden gehouden."


    Monthly Revenue
    "Wij werken nu een jaar samen met Gamechangers en zijn erg tevreden."


    Monthly Revenue
    "Na corona hebben we snel nieuwe leden weten binnen te halen door onze samenwerking met Gamechangers."


    Monthly Revenue
    "Door te teamen met Gamechangers hebben we in totaal 242 nieuwe leden ingeschreven!"


    Monthly Revenue
    "Vanaf de eerste dag ontvangen we een sterke instroom van nieuwe leden. Absolute aanrader!"


    Monthly Revenue
    "Ik ben gestopt met mijn part-time job en ben nu full-time personal trainer met een volle agenda."


    Monthly Revenue
    "Ik had nog nooit eerder met een marketingkantoor gewerkt, maar ik word heel goed geholpen door Gamechangers."

    The only question is, will yours be next?